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New Youtube Channel

I said I would post about it when it’s done, here’s the post… it’s now up with all my videos

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Is It Worth The Struggle ?

That’s something I’ve been pondering myself since annocying that I would be bringing back my youtube channel. I was planning on combining youtube videos to give a few longer videos to what I upload, however I’m currently having a few problems with the program I was going to use… Perhaps it’s not worth the struggle of doing it that way and just uploading the files not combined… It’ll mean more videos on the site…

Going to ponder this for a bit more got a few more things I want to try…

Will give an answer in due time

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YouTube Channel, Coming Back

I’ve been running around online closing everything or converting everything. If I can’t convert things to the new publishing information I close it and open a new site.. I closed my old youtube site but decided to reupload the videos.. Not going to do anything like intro’s or anything like that. Just going to combine the videos that can be combined. I’ve also decided to scrap the name “Kayoz TV” from the old videos that I once called that..

I’ll be uploading things when I can, All the videos I have i’ll be uploading

So be sure to be on the lookout for this stuff