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Thoughts Like A Busy Highway

It was originally called “Walking Alone Again” … I decided to change it up since this will be the first release under my real name.. No idea when I’ll be releasing this yet, but here’s the new cover

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Alone In My Head

Been alone, but not just alone, alone in my head.
The thoughts that go through it, would seem like it’s overcrowded
At the same time I can hear an echo like I’m alone

The echo carries, not sure if it has anything to bounce off or not
I can always hear the sound of your disappointment
The sound of your voice yelling at me

It never seems to leave, I can’t get away from it
I run but it seems like it follows me
My worries, my fears, my dislikes. They’re in the same cloud

I can’t say bubble because this seems to be impossible to pop
At times I feel like I’m trapped inside of it as well
Drowning in everything, unable to escape.

The thoughts of panic at times show on the outside
I feel even more lost on the inside
Unable to help myself, unable to explain it.


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Must Be Nice

It must be nice to walk this planet feeling like your superior
Telling those around you that you don’t lie.
I guess it comes down to choosing to have to believe what comes out of your own mouth.

Certainly the truth’s have holes in it like swiss cheese
Light coming in from all angles
In the right direction you can see through it

But you must hide those angles from those near you
From those who want to get close to you.
To fabricate the truth, to cover it up to the best of your ability.

You stand in your own light, you hide in your own shadow
You can believe what you want to believe.
The only one whose listening to it is you.

But that’s the audience that you have chosen to play to.
The only one who wants to know the truth, is one you keep shadowing
You’ll let a few glimpse of light out for him to feel special

For him to feel loved
But for you, it’s just to give a fictious feeling


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Neighbourhood Stalker – Naughty or Knife’d – Chapter 7

It’s been a few days since the last incident between the girl, the third party and the man who’ve been stalking them. Since the last incident nothing has happened. He did see them in the parking lot near his truck being affectionate but he felt it was best just to leave them alone, it wasn’t worth the effort anymore.

Clearly all he was doing was pushing those two together since they wanted to be together, he even attempted to get them apart by having her boyfriends body sitting on the porch but as much as they overly reacted to it, they didn’t.