Still Trying To Dictate

I see that your still trying to run my life.
We haven’t been together for almost three years
Yet when I talk about wanting to get out of the house, my options are limited
Must go where you want to and do what you want, otherwise it won’t happen
Or I can make suggestions and have to plan the entire day

But why bother, at that days end I get to hear you bitch and moan about it all
Just like when we were together you tried to dictate things back then.
I guess you’d rather just sit and watch netflix, watching your waist line expand.

I would rather sit in front of the computer, writing out my ideas letting my mind expand
You turned it to mush to many times in the past
Felt like a fucking zombie when we were together.
No wonder why I have two lives, the one that involves you limits you.
I’ve tried to help you out, but you limited me even more.

So I’ve been doing my own thing
While you’ve been trying to get on his, his and his thing
No doubt all at once



Self Improvement

I’m all about the self improvement
My mind seems to analyze quicker than others
Not just looking at big details but small ones too

When it comes to improving myself
At times it involves pain
But it’s all in the matter of making myself a better man
Never been one to have a large group around me
I’m more so the one who walks solo
Who does everything himself

When your in my life it’s a two way highway
If you want information to go your way
Information better come my way
I don’t just talk to hear my own voice
Can easily do that when I’m by myself

But if I let you into my life
Cause I trust you
At times the thin ice shows up quick
Trust isn’t easily earned by me.
I’m always looking over my shoulder
I’m also always trying to watch out for you.

Self improvement can easily make me a better man
Sometimes the cleanse causes pain
I don’t just talk to hear my own voice
Can easily do that when I’m by myself


No Need To Panic

Alright folks, no need to panic.. When you visited my site today and noticed that all my posts and basically 99% of my site was blank… No it wasn’t done by mistake I actually did it myself.

I enjoy showcasing my old material but I wanted to remove it from my blog.. I’ll have new poetry and stuff up in due time but I wanted to remove all the old stuff.  If you want to read it I’m sure you can find it online and pay for it.

But now and then I like to start things fresh. So I basically scrapped everything to start fresh.