Guess Who

Like I didn’t predict this. Like I already planned for it. Guess who spent Friday alone. Guess who no longer gives a fuck about it. Guess who lost his last bit of sanity Just another word that rhymes with Kennie. Like I didn’t see this coming from a mile away One talked wanting something different But I now see how they wanted to be treated. In order to get results. Guess whose spent most of his life alone. Nothing that I’m not already used to. Like I didn’t already predict this day. Been over twelve hours since I got told … Continue reading Guess Who


Lies That does seem like what your about Lies As of late I’ve questioned so much that have came out of your mouth I’m at the end of my rope at this point with everything Don’t really think I can take anymore of this. If it’s not lies it’s excuses… Excuses Why you chose not to show up when you talk about it Excuses Should I quit believing the hype ? You’ve always said “If I didn’t want to come out, I wouldn’t” I’m guessing you don’t want to come out tomorrow, since I doubt you will The option is … Continue reading Lies

Neighbourhood Stalker 3?

Yes a third one exists, I haven’t decided if I was going to add more to it or not.. It’s only a few pages right now… But lets take a few moments and look back at the past: Neighbourhood Stalker – The first release it got 50 reads, I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of numbers. Neighbourhood Stalker – Naughty or Knife’d – This one got released around the Christmas holiday and only has 35 reads The first release has about 1,000 words… The second has about 3,000 words… Don’t ask I just felt like putting in … Continue reading Neighbourhood Stalker 3?

Been Struggling

I feel like the last few days I’ve been struggling. Just really struggling to be me. Have you ever woken up and felt like you weren’t you ? Feeling unsure about what makes you happy or keeps your interest ? That’s kind of where I’m at. I know my entire life is a joke. But I’ve felt more lost than normal, I see that I’m back to also struggling to keep my eyes open, was watching Lucifer on netflix yesterday and I don’t think I seen much of it before my head dropped forward, the jolt of it stopping woke … Continue reading Been Struggling