Next Book Inspired By @Mushroomhead

SunDoesntRiseAlright so my next book is inspired by the band known as Mushroomhead, the title is called “Sun Doesn’t Rise”.. When I first came across the band that’s the first track that I ever heard from them and it drew me in to hear many many more.

With what seemed like recently the band is on the verge of falling apart with two members including one of it’s founders leaving the band which I’m sure I’m not the only fan that has started to wonder about the future of things. But they have a tour that they will be going on later this year…

Enough about them the next release will be called “Sun Doesn’t Rise”
Here’s the video of the track that drew me in:

– Kennie

Inside look – Next Release

Alright so I did a post a few hours back talking about having a new idea for my next release so I thought I would talk about it, I normally just keep shit to myself until I have finished the idea and then I post it and let the world read it but I figure I would sit back and post my idea up, it’s kind of unique but at the same time it’s not really.. Some may say it’s depressing, but this is my idea… Through my life I’ve gone through good times and bad times much like anyone else, I’ve also been bullied. So I’m going to take what people have said about me in the past.. stuff like:
I’m fat
I’m pathetic
I’m ugly
I’m no good in bed
I have a small …..

Anyways I’m going to write about them, now it’s not one of those things where I’m going to get all on the defensive on the subjects. I’m simply going to just come to terms with it since after all that’s all I can honestly do.

So there you go, that’s the thought behind my next release… The title of it is going to be “Voices In My Head”…

New Idea, Next Release

Alright so I got doing some thinking after my last blog post and I got a new idea for my next release, but I did something different this time to get this idea. I thought it’s about time to change up this creative process now and then with choosing ideas… Last night I woke up around five or six in the morning, I got out of bed and grabbed pen and paper since lets face it this isn’t a tv show where that shit is sitting bedside, at least not with me it’s not.. So after I climbed back into bed, didn’t have a light on or anything and decided to jot down random words that came to me, stuff that was going through my head at the time. Each time I chose to write something down I would turn the paper a bit and i wouldn’t know where on the paper I would write, more so it was kind of like a collage of random words that came to me. What can I say, this was a different method for me.

So I’m going to choose a few of those words I wrote down and turn it into my next release. I got the cover all done up for it already too… hmmm maybe I’ll post up the cover… I’ll give it a little bit before I do that, if I do that..


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