It is 1:45am

So here I sit, it’s 1:45am and I’ve already been in bed for a few hours.. I actually crawled into bed around 8pm because I’m on some medication that as of late food hasn’t been staying in me.. You know the expression “faster than shit through a goose ?” Perhaps you heard it from someone older than you or perhaps you just heard it now coming from yours truly, well right now I think there is something that happens faster than shit through a goose and it’s shit through a Kennie, more importantly this Kennie. So these pills have basically … Continue reading It is 1:45am

Loneliness = Boredom

So it appears that when I’m by myself I’m lonely and when I’m lonely then boredom happens and it happens frequently. I hate this, I have over 200 xbox one games and none of them sound good. I think I get bored really really easily and it bothers me cause it makes me sit and look at the wall more often than not.  I feel sorry for people who hang out with me, they must think I’m one boring POS. I never know what I want to do with my time. I also have a playstation 4, but I don’t … Continue reading Loneliness = Boredom


WOW, I must say the last two days I’ve felt boredom on a whole new level. I normally can easily get into gaming so I sat down and played some xbox one and I literally just sat and looked at the screen wondering what game to play, most games haven’t been lasting long with me. I’m starting to think that I need to take time away from that my problem is when I walk away from things like video games to give myself a break, I have to fight myself to go back to them at times. Then I have … Continue reading Boredom