Nothing But Darkness In That One

I see nothing but darkness in that one. All secretive will everything and always has been. I tried to listen and take her into the light. But clearly she refused. No hope for that one. She can’t be saved. Just had to walk away from her. Not sure how one could live life like that. Her two faces come out more often now. She doesn’t think that I don’t see her. Living a secret life, nothing new. I suspect that she always have. I think she is better off living that lie That she fantasizes about. Her small group accepts … Continue reading Nothing But Darkness In That One


Why, are expectations so high ? People set these high demands and aren’t happy unless they reach them. But when I release something I’m happy if it just hits ten. Ten reads is all my expectations ever go to. I usually reach that on the first day Anything more than that is just bonus. I know not many people seek me out. In order to read what the latest thing I’ve written. Poetry is a lost art form. Most of them are found on blogs. People have resorted not to publish things. To showcase talent through the world of blogs. … Continue reading Ten

The Fault Of One

Growing up I’ve learned the power of one. Simply the one is me, the fault is mine. No other way of wording it. Doesn’t matter if I’m by myself or together with someone. Clearly everything is the fault of me. I can do no right. I do plenty of wrong. Or so they tell me. For a quiet guy, I certainly do much wrong. Always getting blamed by the opposite. Knowing nothing, learning everything. Sitting back, and catching blame. The fault of one The fault of Ken Kennie Continue reading The Fault Of One

Shake It Off

No matter what happens, you have to learn to shake it off. It may seem like a big thing in your life at this point in time. But  it will be a drop in the lake that is your life. Shake it off and move on, something else will come your way. I know at times it won’t be an easy thing to do. Sometimes it will be a challenge. Sometimes it will even test you as a person. It will be difficult. Getting over stuff is never easy. Getting through stuff is never easy. But that bad thing that … Continue reading Shake It Off

Hold On

Hold On, you got this. No matter what life tosses your way you can overcome. Never been one to say life will be easy. If it was than we’d all would give up trying. Forgive but don’t forget. Always be cautious about what you do and who you trust. Forgive others for the mistakes they made but never forget it. It’s important to learn from your past experiences. It took me over thirty years for myself to learn that. For the longest time I would never forgive and hold everything against everyone. Nobody deserved a second chance. Not really the … Continue reading Hold On

More Of You, Less Of Me

I need to show the world more of you, less of me. Overreacting to situations and getting angry easily is a common trait of mine. Since the start of the new year I’ve been more calm trying to portray a better me. More of you, Less of me. I struggle with my life so much, but I know I can turn to you for guidance. To show me on the right path rather than burn the bridge that I just passed. You will show me that there was a reason for what happened. I may not have much of a … Continue reading More Of You, Less Of Me

In My Past

When I use to roam the halls of high school I was bullied and harassed. I dropped out back in 1999 and after years of trying to clear my mind of it. I realized I can’t do that, it’s still a big part of my life. Tried to drown myself in many things in hopes of pushing it from my mind. Later, I came to the realization that it will always be apart of my life. Sitting down with myself I had a talk, I promised myself one thing. I promised that I wouldn’t let myself go through that anymore. … Continue reading In My Past