Hats Off To @Wix

I have to say I stumbled onto wix a few years back and I created a site with them I later deleted it but as of late I’ve been creating a few sites with them and they keep getting easier and easier, not to mention better and better.

If your looking to build a great website be sure to swing yourself on over to:
to do just that, you can build a great one for $0 but if you want to do more advanced stuff with it then it’ll cost money and by more advanced I mean having a .com (or TLD)

I just wanted to point that out to all of you, no I’m not getting paid for this post or anything like that I just wanted to share that with people because being one that has created sites for countless years and now know that sort of thing has changed in terms of getting traffic and all that sort of stuff and it’s easier to get banned from search engines. Wix walks you through everything through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I’ll be sure to share a few sites I’ve created with wix in the upcoming days for y’all to have a look at.

BTW I’m still looking for TEN UNIQUE LIKES on THIS POST If I get 10 by valentine’s day… well go read the post.. you’ll get the idea


Decided To Scratch That Itch

So a little while ago I mentioned how I had a itch I wasn’t sure if I was going to scratch but I thought about creating my own site again, well I decided to toss one together, still kinda working on things, not sure if certain features on it will stay or not…. Oh I suppose right now you’d like to look at it wouldn’t you ? … Alright so if you goto:

That’s the domain I mentioned before that will need renewing but I don’t know if I’ll be doing so, lack of $$ is one of the reasons, but if you want to help out… Send me some coin at:

More stuff about me that you may not know, coming soon… no doubt within an hour or two…


Scratching That Itch..

Every so often I feel that itch, you know the one I’m talking about.. A old hobby of yours that you tried to walk away from but every so often it keeps coming to mind making you think “should you try it again ?” One of my biggest hobbies has been websites, the shit I created myself has always been very basic, like painfully basic.  But it got the message acrossed and it allowed for people to see what’s going on in my life, I once again had that itch of putting up my own website. But I don’t know, it’s such a dilemma it takes nothing to do it except about ninety seconds of my time to upload it, however the question that I keep asking myself is “is it worth it ?” sure people read what I post here on this blog however what I’ve grown to realize over the years is that most people who have websites generally just rely on facebook or a wordpress site to do the evil deeds of relaying information to the masses. I have thought about doing both wordpress and website but while it’s a itch to scratch I don’t know if it’s really worth my time. I’m not saying that it would help with my severe case of boredom which as of late my boredom has been off the fucking charts, but as of late it’s just the notion of nobody looking at it which is why the thought of me putting it back online does nothing but really scratch my head and make me wonder “is it worth the time” that’s currently what the battle is that goes on in my head.

I’ve recently added a new option on the lovely menu for this site called… Donations.. yes that’s right it means that if you want to toss some coin my way to help me out it would be greatly appreciated and it’ll allow me to do more without me having to jot down IOU’s

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