Dark Haiku Sex Life – Rating

So with each release I get asked a question “is this for a mature audience ?” I never know how to answer that with some topics I touch because when I use to write it use to have much more swearing than no (which has none) and content use to be different. So initial release I put “mature rating” I contacted my distributor and they told me “if it was a movie would it be rated R or PG13 ?” I reread the book and I thought to myself, it talks about certain things but in no way does it … Continue reading Dark Haiku Sex Life – Rating

Dark Haiku Sex Life

So this is my next release, and I have three out of four things completed. It’s been definitely different for me but it got me doing some thinking some serious thinking at that I know the last thing that I released that was horror related is getting read by many people the counts for it keeps going up, it’s crazy like that.. But this is the last thing that I’m going to write with anything dark in it. It just seems as of late almost every week or two a school shooting happens or some other mass murder or something … Continue reading Dark Haiku Sex Life

4 Book Boxset – Title & Cover

I’ve been thinking for the last few days and even a bit before that about this four book boxset that I plan on releasing and what am I going to do for the cover, I had a few ideas setup but it made it look like a child put it together so I struggled with it, I then had problems with my graphic program and after talking to my girlfriend about it I smartened up and realized that i need to buy that program because I use it a lot and I have to sink the money into it so … Continue reading 4 Book Boxset – Title & Cover