Little Man

Here I was thinking that you were some sort of threat.
You sent my girlfriend a dick pick and the truth came out.
Can’t be blaming that shit on cold water either

You made her laugh and question how many people fake it with you
To compare you to me, your a vienna sausage I’m sporting a frankfurter
All of a sudden I start feeling sorry for your own girlfriend

Not sure how she can really enjoy herself with something that small
You act like it’s hanging to your knees
I’ve always heard the biggest dicks are usually sporting the smallest

That truly is the case with you
Yet here you are trying to cheat on your girlfriend with mine
Little do you know that she tells me everything you say

At first it really bothered me, but I’ve quickly grown tired of you
I know she won’t do anything with you
Although you may want to watch yourself, your girlfriend may find out

Judging by your recent actions that tells me that she’s suspicious of something
I can’t wait till she uncovers your secret, can’t really say big secret it’s sad really
I’ve asked my girlfriend if I could meet you.

She’s hesitant about it
She’s nervous about my reaction when I meet you
She has nothing to worry about

I already know what kind of guy you are, if you meet me, you’ll talk shit about me
Put me down every chance you get, question why does she love me
I’m OK with that, your already so low on the food chain, you can’t get any lower
Or can you ?


Keep Acting Friendly, But I See Your Horns

Trying to show the kitty’s love like you use to
Talking to them when you see them
Trying to entertain them

But your the one who is splitting up the family
Your the one who is taking them away from me
You have always done the same shit with me, you and Dad

Yelled at me and give me shit then thirty seconds later tried to act like your my best friend
But to the two of you it was all a game
No wonder I grew up to be this way and having issues with people

Always had trouble making friends
Had trouble expressing myself to people
Still hiding in the dark not wanting to come to light

I know why you have no friends, why would anyone want to be your friend
You are a true definition of a user of people, you deny it, but it’s easy to see.
Everyone runs from you once they notice it.

Once it becomes apparent they run, for good reason too.
I can’t say I blame them
If I had a place to run to, I would, I wouldn’t look back

You keep saying you have to do everything yourself
Keep telling yourself that, it’ll become a reality soon enough
Specially if you keep treating me like shit, hopefully I’m taken away

In one way or another, death or run away.
At times I don’t care which one comes true
You can then claim that you were meant to be alone

Keep singing the same ole song
Nobody wants to hear it
Nobody is listening

We have heard it all before
But we have seen behind the curtain
It’s no doubt what’s best.


Slit My Wrist, Get To Heaven

If I slit my wrist and bleed out all my life force, can I get to heaven
To be with the rest of my family, or will they look down on me too
Am I best to go down to hell where I don’t think any of them are.

I’m tired of living on this planet
When this planet is tired of me
It’s just one hardship followed by another

I don’t want to watch my furry friends leave
They help make me happy, they make me giggle
Since you told me your getting them taken away

I’ve had many dark thoughts go through my head
Of me not wanting to be here anymore
Not sure if it means running away or not living

I don’t think my mind connected that yet
It’s one of many missing puzzle pieces in my mind
I wonder if any of them will ever connect in my brain

Even if I could take my own life and goto heaven
I would just be with more people who don’t want to be around me
I don’t think anyone who have passed would want to see me again

Or maybe they went to hell, one never knows
I have often wondered that, where did these people go
Or are they floating here with us, on the other side

Like a two sided mirror, they can see us but we can’t see them
I wonder if that’s what the after life is like.
I don’t think I would want to see this side again

Unless I die before a few people, then I would try to watch out for them
I wonder if I would have the option of turning that off
*sales man voice* “Bored of the living, turn it off today” sort of idea


Dark Thoughts

Just found out a guy who lived near me passed away and his cause.
Never would have thought that, always seemed so happy.
It’s got various people scratching there heads, they couldn’t believe it.

While seeing the sadness I feel like I stepped out of my body and look around.
It makes me wonder if people would react the same for me.
If it was me and not him, would reactions be the same

Or would it roll off there backs like a bead of sweat.
Like it was nothing
Like I was nothing

Is that what people expect from me
Is that where my life is leading
I know at one point in my life I spent lots of time thinking like that

Trying to figure out how to say good bye, but in the lease obvious way.
I never did do it.
At times thoughts do come across my mind, how would things be different.

What can I say ?, In some ways I can relate.
I don’t lead a great life
Nor do I lead a life filled with friends.

My life is rather quiet
Very empty
At times, very alone.

I don’t blame anyone for my life
I’ve always had trouble making friends or talking
Besides I don’t think it’s anything I can change.

I never was any good at talking or expressing myself.
Although a few  people would say differently.
I don’t know if I would agree with them or not.

At times I think I have
Other times not so much.
Guess that’s my life though

Always questioning things
Wondering if I am as well as what I feel or say.

These are just some of the dark thoughts that have went through my mind today


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