Little Man

Here I was thinking that you were some sort of threat. You sent my girlfriend a dick pick and the truth came out. Can’t be blaming that shit on cold water either You made her laugh and question how many people fake it with you To compare you to me, your a vienna sausage I’m sporting a frankfurter All of a sudden I start feeling sorry for your own girlfriend Not sure how she can really enjoy herself with something that small You act like it’s hanging to your knees I’ve always heard the biggest dicks are usually sporting the … Continue reading Little Man

Keep Acting Friendly, But I See Your Horns

Trying to show the kitty’s love like you use to Talking to them when you see them Trying to entertain them But your the one who is splitting up the family Your the one who is taking them away from me You have always done the same shit with me, you and Dad Yelled at me and give me shit then thirty seconds later tried to act like your my best friend But to the two of you it was all a game No wonder I grew up to be this way and having issues with people Always had trouble … Continue reading Keep Acting Friendly, But I See Your Horns

Slit My Wrist, Get To Heaven

If I slit my wrist and bleed out all my life force, can I get to heaven To be with the rest of my family, or will they look down on me too Am I best to go down to hell where I don’t think any of them are. I’m tired of living on this planet When this planet is tired of me It’s just one hardship followed by another I don’t want to watch my furry friends leave They help make me happy, they make me giggle Since you told me your getting them taken away I’ve had many … Continue reading Slit My Wrist, Get To Heaven

Dark Thoughts

Just found out a guy who lived near me passed away and his cause. Never would have thought that, always seemed so happy. It’s got various people scratching there heads, they couldn’t believe it. While seeing the sadness I feel like I stepped out of my body and look around. It makes me wonder if people would react the same for me. If it was me and not him, would reactions be the same Or would it roll off there backs like a bead of sweat. Like it was nothing Like I was nothing Is that what people expect from … Continue reading Dark Thoughts