You couldn’t walk a mile in our shoes. Your a hater step off, Don’t do nothing boy. Speaking from first hand getting bullied from nine to three. I did everything in my power to keep it together in front of people. Once I got into my house and that door was shut, the truth came out. The tears streamed down my face, I found my room and stayed hidden. I skipped classes, got pulled into the principals office daily. My grades suffered very little people cared. April 20th came around I remember almost every class the radio was on. Next … Continue reading H8t3

Grey Area

Sit down and read the thoughts of a morbid one Writing positive things I thought that’s what I wanted in life. Thought it would help me change. Was hoping a different outcome. As I lay in bed the thoughts that go through my head are anything but wholesome. I spend much time analyzing my past and getting bullied. Drowning myself in the sorrow that keeps getting deeper. Bullying is always a sensitive subject with myself. Going through it first hand I understand why people go to extremes. What they fail to talk about in the news stories. Is the one … Continue reading Grey Area

4 Book Boxset

So I’ve came to a conclusion that my next release will be a 4 book boxset it will be four smaller releases into one bigger release… Sounds good right ?, yeah now the real problem… the graphic program that I normally use (Paint Shop Pro) is causing me issues and stressing me out, I’ve never had a problem with things up until now… I can upgrade to the latest (costing me about $40 that I don’t have) or sit here and scratch my head and wonder what to do… I guess right now I’m just going to think, but I’m … Continue reading 4 Book Boxset

Darkside – Update

Since I wrote “The Knife” I’ve been kind of struggling with writing anything else in the realms of dark poetry / prose/ poems … So I think what I’m going to do is take it and put it on hold for now… It’s either that or I’m just going to release it as the 4 page release that it currently is, I haven’t decided. But right now Darkside is currently being placed on hold I have plenty of things in my head to write about but dark stuff isn’t it, that use to be me but it’s not anymore and … Continue reading Darkside – Update

The Knife

Look at that beautiful thing, the chrome just glows in the light. I could barely take my eyes off of it when the light lit up the room. Look whose tied to the chair, it was almost a wish that was granted. As I walk forth and my morbid intentions become just so much more. You were such a toxic person, but you just had to inject yourself into her life. Not sure how you won her over, I knew you were no good for her. Everytime I walked passed you in the hallways my gut clenched Countless years later … Continue reading The Knife

Spinning Sensation

Laying in bed starring up at the ceiling as your room is draped in darkness. Your thoughts get the best of you, the ceiling begins to spin. Quickly rubbing your eyes you think your losing your mind. As your eyes regain focus your finding it spinning faster and faster. As you fight to look away, to look at anything else you can’t. Your body is frozen to the bed, you can’t move, your helpless. Starting to hear sounds going on around you as your fixated on it. Voices in your head that you didn’t know was there creeps in. They … Continue reading Spinning Sensation