Spinning Sensation

Laying in bed starring up at the ceiling as your room is draped in darkness. Your thoughts get the best of you, the ceiling begins to spin. Quickly rubbing your eyes you think your losing your mind. As your eyes regain focus your finding it spinning faster and faster. As you fight to look away, […]

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You sit in the darkness wondering what death would be like. Thinking that it’s the place that you see yourself in right now. Your alone, nobody is around you. Only you can hear yourself breathe. The thoughts inside your head become louder, you begin wondering if they’re true. Earlier in the day hateful things were […]

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Darkside – Intro

As we walk through life, we try to stay positive. However there are times in our lives that the positivity fades away and the darkness takes over. No matter how frequent or seldom it seems we know that it is apart of life. I would like you to follow my journey into The Darkside

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