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Nothing Could Have Saved Me

So we got hit with a storm on Friday, it knocked the power out for about an hour but before the power went out we lost our phone line which ultimately lead to us loosing our internet as well.. We lost the internet around 4pm… It didn’t come on until sometime Sunday which was roughly 36 hours later.

Needless to say it wasn’t fun, you don’t realize how much you use the internet until it’s gone then when it is gone and you realize how much of your life revolved around it.

Anyways Friday night I had trouble sleeping, so I got on the computer because I didn’t know what else to do and with the wind blowing and I could hear it in the basement.
So I chose to do some writing, and I sat here and wrote and I have a full release ready of stuff I wrote in one night the title of the release is: “Nothing Could Have Saved Me”

Right now I don’t have a cover created nor do I even have a release date.

But I wanted to mention about the writing because I know it’s been a few days since I have done a post.

Hopefully I’ll get a cover done sooner than later, today I’m just trying to finish up things that I was working on Friday when we lost the internet.


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Kennigma – Out Now

Alright so the latest release I was working on called Kennigma it’s now out, so it should be showing up in your favorite distributor in due time


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Next eBook Release Is….

I’ve been trying to hold off on posting this until my previous release (Kenesis) has actually been distributed however it appears to be taking longer than I realize so I’ll just have to get a second release going too…

So with that lovely notice my next eBooks release is: Kennigma

Right now I haven’t decided when it’ll be released  but I think it’s about 99.9% ready to be released right now…
We’ll see what the morning brings


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Truly Short Lived

Well I got enough written so that I could send it out to a distributor.. Well it turns out that the distributor wants a last name, so I’m back to here…
Not sure what I’m doing with the other blog.

But here’s a promo for the release I’m doing:


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Make Waves – Out Now

It’s now official, Make Waves is being sent out to distribution as we speak so it’s only a matter of time before it shows up at your favorite digital marketplace.

If you’d like to read it be sure to click on the cover or HERE

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Make Waves

Just wanted to make a quick update as I sit in bed. But later on today (Sunday January 21) I will be releasing the ebook Make Waves for distribution. I will make another post when I actually do release it.

Time for bed


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Make Waves – Promo – eBook –

So my next release is going to be called Make Waves, right now I’m not releasing much information about it but I do have a few things I will say when I do make that post…  No doubt in a day or a few days.. But for now here’s a promo video