Zero Experience – Out Now

I’ve been debating the last two days about the latest album I created, should I look at adding more to it ? Or should I just look at releasing it now and moving on from it, since I plan on calling it quits in terms of music… Well I decided to release it into the world, calling it quits then moving on to something else… So on that note, if you want to download it, click on the cover to do just that. This will be the final music album I put out, that sort of thing no longer interests … Continue reading Zero Experience – Out Now

Rare Lost Album

Alright so I’m getting rather sick and tired of these fly by night music hosting sites so I figure I would do things myself from now on. I’m currently on the verge of hosting all my music on a free file hosting site (mediafire) cause these music hosting sites come and go and appear to be a dime a dozen or start wanting money after a while. So on that happy note I have almost all my music listed for free to download with a file hosting. That’s how things will be from now on. I shall post up when … Continue reading Rare Lost Album


Hello folks, how ya doing tonight. I thought I would do up another post tonight but this one is a bit different, this one isn’t about my writing that I keep posting about this is about another type of media that I do. That type is music, just really scores is all I create. I’ve created many of them since the start, actually I’ve created 18 of them. Honestly I’ve never made any money from it, but I still continue to create them. It’s just a hobby and honestly I’ve decided to just give them away for free, it’s really … Continue reading Music