Google Play Books

Alright so not long ago I got accepted to join the elite, the fine people of google play books.  At first I was going to post up everything that I ever wrote but I knew that would take a while so then I got thinking about things and later changed up my thoughts to just the newest 9 books that I released and everything new that I release from now on. So while currently (as of typing this) 8 out of 9 books have been accepted they’re not visible yet to anyone, I would imagine it would take about 12-24 … Continue reading Google Play Books

Kong Skull Island / Google Play Books

Kong Skull Island First let me say that I finally had the chance to sit down and watch Kong Skull Island, I enjoyed it. I think what I enjoyed most about it without giving a whole lot away is it wasn’t a Animal vs Man thing, but the animal had other animals to battle . Google Play Books Well I’m happy to announce that I’ve been accepted to start listing on Google Play Books, I shall be adding my stuff in due time since I have many things to add. I’ll keep ya posted on when you can start seeing … Continue reading Kong Skull Island / Google Play Books

Two Books / Music Making Update

Two Books So today I pushed two books into the distribution channel known as Smashwords. The two books I pushed are: Therapy 2017 & Not Your Average Christmas Which are now on Smashwords awaiting distribution as I said, when it gets distributed it means that those books will be found on: kobo, barnes & noble, itunes etc… so give it time, or you go direct to those links I provided to read that shit from minute one without waiting for it to go to your retailer of choice. Music Making Update The other thing I wanted to tackle in terms … Continue reading Two Books / Music Making Update