In The Country

In the country we have miles of land
From old trees with swinging ropes, to graves filled in with sand.

In the country we got a strange way of raising our kids
We also got a strange way of getting our kicks
Visitors who get lost tend to get hunted

Never know who to trust when you come out here.
Thinking we’re all nice and simple folk
Till you cross the line.
Find yourself running for your life.


Now and Then..

From time to time I have the habit of starting some sort of writing project and things not going anywhere but things were already started so what do I do with it ? … Myself I personally don’t throw anything out… I was recently writing two horror stories and one superhero one and during them all I lost my train of thought so what do I do with them ?

I decided to combine them in one release called “Erased” so everyone can read them for those who haven’t already.
This isn’t uncommon for me, in the past I have a few books called “Lost Treasures” which turned out to be similar but for poetry that just didn’t fit anywhere

Hope you enjoy


He’s At It Again !

I said earlier today that one of the voices in my head has started to work on a new release a sequel, a untitled sequel at that…  Well he appears to be flowing with ideas since a little while ago he has started a second release as well this one being called:
House Of Elmer
Ain’t no fud in this one.

It’s another Horror book and it’s also on chapter one so if you want to read what he’s been up to:

That’ll be all from me for today

Untitled Sequel ?

So back in 2016 one of the voices in my head (aka alter egos) wrote a release called Unjust Love, to this date it’s got 67 reads.

That voice in my head hasn’t written since 2016 and that was his last release, he goes by the name Kenny Roberts

Well today he decided to write again, so far it’s an untitled sequel but chapter one is posted if your interested in that sort of thing be sure to go read it here:

Also I feel I should note that this voice in my head has his own website that I created on wix you can check it out by going here:


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