Creative Track

At times it takes quite a bit to throw off my creative track, honestly I could no doubt write at minimal one piece of new poetry each day with ease. Which is why at times you (my readers) have read multiples in one day. However today my creative track has been thrown out, no I’m not having a bad day. At least not yet, but I woke up with a sore neck. So I’m having trouble getting comfortable, a massage would be nice but I know it wouldn’t happen today. I keep trying to stretch it out but it’s not … Continue reading Creative Track

Inside My Mind

I’ve written many types of stories and poetry since the start and I mainly stick with poetry, although like many writers I have watched a movie and it had given me ideas where I would love to take that idea and expand on it and take it in a little bit of a different direction. However that brings me to the shady part of things called “Fan Fiction” many publishers don’t like to distribute that sort of thing because it can bring forth lawsuits and it’s like walking on thin ice, since there has been a number of cases documented … Continue reading Inside My Mind

He’s At It Again !

I said earlier today that one of the voices in my head has started to work on a new release a sequel, a untitled sequel at that…  Well he appears to be flowing with ideas since a little while ago he has started a second release as well this one being called: House Of Elmer Ain’t no fud in this one. It’s another Horror book and it’s also on chapter one so if you want to read what he’s been up to: That’ll be all from me for today Continue reading He’s At It Again !