Reaching My Hand Out

It’s a difficult thing to do. Reaching my hand out, to help a fellow human being. How does one react if rejected ? Just walk away like nothing happened ? What if that human does something after you reach out your hand. Do you not feel responsible, or do you feel not worthy. Could you have helped that person. Or did reaching out made it worse ? How could reaching out make it worse, your just trying to help. Some are so set in there ways and closed minded that they’re set with one outcome. What if you can change … Continue reading Reaching My Hand Out

Be Like That

I don’t care anymore, you can be like that. Keep acting one way but behind closed doors your a different way. Telling me your easy going but your not going easy. It started with a simple question that showed your true colours. After things were said and done you complained. I chuckled to myself about it, thinking it means nothing. By the time I come back downstairs your in bed light still on ipod going. Chuckled to myself again, didn’t think much of it. But clearly this is how you want to be, it was a puzzle, I solved it. … Continue reading Be Like That

Nothing But Darkness In That One

I see nothing but darkness in that one. All secretive will everything and always has been. I tried to listen and take her into the light. But clearly she refused. No hope for that one. She can’t be saved. Just had to walk away from her. Not sure how one could live life like that. Her two faces come out more often now. She doesn’t think that I don’t see her. Living a secret life, nothing new. I suspect that she always have. I think she is better off living that lie That she fantasizes about. Her small group accepts … Continue reading Nothing But Darkness In That One

Think For Yourself

Think for yourself. Don’t do what they do. Time for you to blase your own trail Everyone has to find themselves and there own path. It’s time to break away from the norm and find yours. It won’t be easy, never is. But nothing about life ever will be. Following the way others do things won’t give you the same outcome. Chances are you won’t come across the same problems that they have. Think for yourself. Don’t do what they do. Time for you to blase your own trail Kennie Continue reading Think For Yourself


Why, are expectations so high ? People set these high demands and aren’t happy unless they reach them. But when I release something I’m happy if it just hits ten. Ten reads is all my expectations ever go to. I usually reach that on the first day Anything more than that is just bonus. I know not many people seek me out. In order to read what the latest thing I’ve written. Poetry is a lost art form. Most of them are found on blogs. People have resorted not to publish things. To showcase talent through the world of blogs. … Continue reading Ten

The Fault Of One

Growing up I’ve learned the power of one. Simply the one is me, the fault is mine. No other way of wording it. Doesn’t matter if I’m by myself or together with someone. Clearly everything is the fault of me. I can do no right. I do plenty of wrong. Or so they tell me. For a quiet guy, I certainly do much wrong. Always getting blamed by the opposite. Knowing nothing, learning everything. Sitting back, and catching blame. The fault of one The fault of Ken Kennie Continue reading The Fault Of One

Shake It Off

No matter what happens, you have to learn to shake it off. It may seem like a big thing in your life at this point in time. But  it will be a drop in the lake that is your life. Shake it off and move on, something else will come your way. I know at times it won’t be an easy thing to do. Sometimes it will be a challenge. Sometimes it will even test you as a person. It will be difficult. Getting over stuff is never easy. Getting through stuff is never easy. But that bad thing that … Continue reading Shake It Off