Speeding Things Up A Bit

Alright well I normally was going to give things a few days for “Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy” to convert and get redistributed to make sure it all went well but I’m feeling impatient. So with getting little to no sleep last night I decided to put out Internal Screams today through smashwords in epub format to see if it’ll get just as many reads as everything else or more or less because of doing it in the different format. Although in many ways the different format will be better but will it reflect in the numbers, I’m about to … Continue reading Speeding Things Up A Bit

New Release Soon ?!?!

Alright so I’ve been working on a new release for a short bit, this is non poetry related but I’m not going to go into what this release is about right now, I will when I release it.. I feel that the release is done, it’s kind of a personal thing… Anyways so what’s holding it up you ask ? … Normally I submit everything in simple text format and let my distributor (smashwords) convert that to everyway possible, well the last two books I tried to release I ran into a few issues when converting to the lovely epub … Continue reading New Release Soon ?!?!

Feeling Nothing

Even though the worlds around me, I feel lonely Even though the world has found me, it can drown me. Sitting here feeling alone as I stare out the window watching others walk by It makes me wonder as if I’m missing out on something great So I step outside and look around, I see nothing. I enter back into my house once again feeling bored and incomplete as I sit Starring at the wall in complete silence watching my life tick away before me Nothing appears to be going on with me and nothing. In my head I’ve decided … Continue reading Feeling Nothing

Been Struggling

Been struggling with going upstairs over the last few days Looking outside makes me sad, I’m trying to avoid sadness I know it’s not helping me, but I don’t know what else to do. I tried to talk about it, clearly that’s not the answer. I get answers yelled at me, then I get talked about behind my back From my own mother on the phone with who knows who. Telling them that “He’s not willing to help” Everything always has to be your way for you to be happy You already made me an empty promise I don’t see … Continue reading Been Struggling

One Day

One day my life will get better I won’t have to put up with the things that I do I’ll have constant happiness in my life with every sunrise and sunset Or that’s what I keep telling myself, at times I look into the future and see it bright Other times it looks like a train tunnel, lots of darkness before the light All I can do is try to keep moving forward as much as I don’t like certain things Wishing I could change various things in my life right now, but I have my doubts That a change … Continue reading One Day

You Took It Away

I was starting to see one thing that made me want to live here They were cute with four paws, I loved playing with them Petting them, watching them run around and grow But you took that away from me Just like an old poem I did called hitler mom Everything has to be your way, unless you benefit from it you don’t want it No wonder your kids are the way they are. All you do is looking for everything you can profit off Your a user of people, when you don’t get what you want you throw a … Continue reading You Took It Away