Naked Munchkin Music

Yup you read that right and you know the one whose laughing 😉 Long story but I won’t get into it right now, but my girlfriend calls me her “munchkin” .. She often seems to dream about me or have thoughts of me in which I’m dancing naked in her head… It’s like her own […]

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Alright so I have signed up for a site called NoiseTrade which I was on previously. Basically this site allows me to give my music away for free and if you care to drop me a tip then you can. Or if you just want to snag it for free that’s fine too, you can […]

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Hello folks, how ya doing tonight. I thought I would do up another post tonight but this one is a bit different, this one isn’t about my writing that I keep posting about this is about another type of media that I do. That type is music, just really scores is all I create. I’ve […]

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