UnAnswered Prayers – Tormented

UnAnsweredPrayers-TormentedAnother day, another release… This time we bring to you “UnAnswered Prayers – Tormented” .. The fourth book in the UnAnswered Prayers series… Who would have thought I would have various series of books .. Anyways this one is now released and is being pushed out to all your favourite digital markets as of the moment that you read this


THREE Books On The Go

Last night had trouble sleeping, the ideas were running thick inside my head. They were flowing like crazy, I felt like a mad fuckin scientist and I loved it.. I no doubt had electrical current flowing out of my brain.

While I was awake for a few hours, I jumped on my computer and wrote down a few ideas I had, well after I managed to get sleep and I woke up. I started to put my ideas into place, I filled out the forms that I had to so that I can get things started to get listed with my distribution as a WIP (Work In Progress) and now the fun begins.

Nope I’m not going to release the names or covers YET, give it times… They will be released soon enough.. I might just add another book..

While writing this I got a third book listed..

Might have to spend a day writing, that would be awesome… only time will tell if it will happen though..


Erotic Book, Cumming Soon ;)

So last night I got talking to my girlfriend (among other things) and she’s always sparked that sexual side of me so I asked her if it would bother her if I decided to take some of dirty texts and turn it into a book… She seemed excited by it, perhaps a little too excited 😉 but that’s ok.

I have the title: SexKEN … it’s my own play off Sexting .. kinda sounds similar huh ?.
This will be a new release I won’t be using it to take over a older release.. I have the cover created I just have to put the book together.

No, I won’t be posting anything up here, if you want to read it you’ll have to go read it from the link I provide when it’s released.

More info will be provided later today


Always Nice / New Book or Music

Always Nice

It’s always nice to be able to talk to someone who you can have a good conversation with just about anything to, even though at times you still have trouble opening up to the person. But a amazing person will know that and will know you very well. I have found that friend, known her since high school although truthfully we didn’t talk much in high school but in my defense I was super shy.. How super shy ? like painfully socially awkward shy. But with her knowing me since back then she’s always been a true sweetheart and always knows what to expect when it comes to me… Ok well not really, I have caught her off guard a few times.. But that’s beside the point hahahaa

New Book or Music

I had a plan of releasing one or the other before Christmas, I haven’t decided if I’m going to or not, truthfully I’m really unsure. I think it’s because I know that in two weeks Christmas is here.  I never know what I’m doing on a daily, so I can’t say if I’m going to do anymore writing or not, in one way I think I’m going to because I would definitely would like to since I’m sure I could come up with something. Since I always have ideas flowing through my head right now it’s just a matter of time having to put those thoughts to paper. Actually while writing this little bit I had an idea for a title if I release something, it could be worthy of either.. or both… Normally I keep this shit to myself but I’m going to post the title so that hopefully I won’t forget the title since I like the title… “Kennapped” … Yup that’s it, that has to be the title.. No questioned asked…

Well that’s all for now, since Christmas is coming…. A Very Twiztid Christmas sounds right


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