THREE Books On The Go

Last night had trouble sleeping, the ideas were running thick inside my head. They were flowing like crazy, I felt like a mad fuckin scientist and I loved it.. I no doubt had electrical current flowing out of my brain. While I was awake for a few hours, I jumped on my computer and wrote down a few ideas I had, well after I managed to get sleep and I woke up. I started to put my ideas into place, I filled out the forms that I had to so that I can get things started to get listed with … Continue reading THREE Books On The Go

Erotic Book, Cumming Soon ;)

So last night I got talking to my girlfriend (among other things) and she’s always sparked that sexual side of me so I asked her if it would bother her if I decided to take some of dirty texts and turn it into a book… She seemed excited by it, perhaps a little too excited 😉 but that’s ok. I have the title: SexKEN … it’s my own play off Sexting .. kinda sounds similar huh ?. This will be a new release I won’t be using it to take over a older release.. I have the cover created I … Continue reading Erotic Book, Cumming Soon 😉

Always Nice / New Book or Music

Always Nice It’s always nice to be able to talk to someone who you can have a good conversation with just about anything to, even though at times you still have trouble opening up to the person. But a amazing person will know that and will know you very well. I have found that friend, known her since high school although truthfully we didn’t talk much in high school but in my defense I was super shy.. How super shy ? like painfully socially awkward shy. But with her knowing me since back then she’s always been a true sweetheart … Continue reading Always Nice / New Book or Music