October – Double Release

So I decided to try something different, October is just around the corner and that means Halloween… It also means my birthday which is sometime at the start of the month… But I’m aiming for Halloween for these releases so the two releases will be: Orange Grey Grey Orange They will be released on the same day, basically everything that I write from now until Halloween will be released in these two releases, perhaps even a few added bonus’s as well might get added too, we see what ideas I come up with So that’s something you can look forward … Continue reading October – Double Release

Never Know What’s Playing In My Mind

So my next release is a rather long title “Never Know What’s Playing In My Mind” The idea came to me from a music video I recently watched the music video is NF – Why ? Yea I’m sure you’ll know something else that got inspired by that one too…. how about my poem Why ? So that’s the next release from me and it’s about 99% done, but I keep adding to it… So that’s all for now but here’s that music video so you don’t have to be surfing youtube for it   Kennie Continue reading Never Know What’s Playing In My Mind

Next Re-Release ?

So the next re-release that I’m working on is “Two Faced” I thought about changing the cover for this one but for the time being I’m leaving it alone. I can see that being exactly what I do when it’s time to get released is just putting it out as is. I thought I was going to have trouble adding to it, but clearly that’s not the case. Just added one thing today and that means I’m that much closer to getting it ready to ship out to the distributors. As of late I’ve been having trouble doing anything but … Continue reading Next Re-Release ?

Next Book Inspired By @Mushroomhead

Alright so my next book is inspired by the band known as Mushroomhead, the title is called “Sun Doesn’t Rise”.. When I first came across the band that’s the first track that I ever heard from them and it drew me in to hear many many more. With what seemed like recently the band is on the verge of falling apart with two members including one of it’s founders leaving the band which I’m sure I’m not the only fan that has started to wonder about the future of things. But they have a tour that they will be going … Continue reading Next Book Inspired By @Mushroomhead

Next eBook Release Is….

I’ve been trying to hold off on posting this until my previous release (Kenesis) has actually been distributed however it appears to be taking longer than I realize so I’ll just have to get a second release going too… So with that lovely notice my next eBooks release is: Kennigma http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6dr8yd Right now I haven’t decided when it’ll be released  but I think it’s about 99.9% ready to be released right now… We’ll see what the morning brings Kennie Continue reading Next eBook Release Is….