The past

So it seems I’ve gotten many views as of late, not a whole lot where it’s like “holy shit” but more than usual. So I guess that means that everyone has that one bad relationship. So I’m glad I can write stuff that everyone can relate to.. I know my current girlfriend is very open with me. We’ve talked about so many more things than my ex and it’s just been a short time with her too. I’ve learned much and got to ask questions about stuff that my ex just answered things very simplistically. When I ask a question … Continue reading The past

She Believes

She believes that she should be worshiped. No doubt also believes that she can walk on water. Too bad that shit is frozen and I can see cracks forming Each step she takes the cracks get bigger and I know she’s going to fall. She hopes that her attitude will save her as her friends will come running. But I know her truth won’t set her free, as she better be prepared to drown. In her lies, as I look into her eyes. She thinks she’s better than everyone else just cause she has tits and pussy. Too bad that … Continue reading She Believes

Stupid Bitch

I can’t believe for one second you think I have no clue. It’s like watching you walk down a winding path I can see every step. The lies that come out of your mouth on a constant. But yet when it was me on the other end you kept saying no. Playing mind games and other games is all you can do. Since you know deep down nobody would want you. The only thing you can offer them is sex, not love, not support. Every thing else makes you complain. Watching you go through all this, I know your going … Continue reading Stupid Bitch

You Wish You Knew What Love Was

You wish you knew what love was. After everything finished you talked about “how you don’t need love” All your looking for is to be used time and time again. That’s all you want to be is constantly used. Used by one guy after another, because you don’t know how to love. You know how to use people and how to make people think you care. But when it comes down to actual love, you only wish you knew. It’s really quite sad that you want to be passed around like a paper plate. Once that person is done with … Continue reading You Wish You Knew What Love Was

Fucking Liar

I can’t believe how much you fucking lied to me over the years. Relationship started out good then a few years later you told me “No more sex, I’m not into it” My mind began to question if I did something wrong. After continuing the relationship for countless years You began to fucking roll your eyes everytime I hugged or kissed you Once again I thought I was doing something fucking wrong. Walking around like a fucking little princess better than everyone. I was too fucking blind to see that shit but yet there you were. Starting to treat people … Continue reading Fucking Liar