The Lady Who Works In Church

It doesn’t take long once you get talking to me to find out  how much I care When people bring up problems about there friends, you’ll see how much I care If I haven’t met those people, they definately aren’t on my radar so you get to see How much do I care ? The Lady Who Works In Church is your answer You may think I’m an asshole for it But I can’t be bothered by people who I don’t know Otherwise people will be consumed about shit that has no affect on them I just can’t be bothered … Continue reading The Lady Who Works In Church

Colostomy Bag

You attempt to be Mr Smooth having all the right lines that women want to hear, almost like you’ve done the research on the subject and visited all the love lorn websites to hear women complain about what they want to find in a guy. So you decide to mash it all up making one think that your Mr perfect as you spill paragraphs of shit you would see in a self help love letter. But you don’t realize that the one girl you have just so happen to choose was taken, she very easily sent me all that you … Continue reading Colostomy Bag

Busy Day Of Rejection

Busy day of rejection actually started early Friday morning. On the phone with the girlfriend when she started to give me a hard time I told her I couldn’t be on late, didn’t say why. Just didn’t want to be up late that night I knew come morning I had a few jobs I had to do with rain in the near forecast Last words she heard outta my mouth was “I give up”, since she wouldn’t let me say shit Today the otherside of her came out, basically pushed me away, not wanting me Tried to talk, cold feel … Continue reading Busy Day Of Rejection

Coming Back Down

I’m not coming back down from this. Brain is firing like a mad scientist. I can feel the electricity flowing through my brain Don’t remember yelling throw the switch But clearly it happened, my brain is fuckin over flowing With ideas, not sure if I can contain them all But they all shall be written So it’ll be written, so it’ll be told I’m tired of people and dealing with them all Just going to be rolling solo Clearly that’s how I was meant to be Don’t care anymore, just like how people look at me They don’t care about … Continue reading Coming Back Down

Why Is It ?

Why is it that I have trouble speaking my mind At times when I want to say something I end up shaking instead. Not many people seem to notice me shaking when it happens But it’s very very noticeable At times I wish I had more courage to speak my mind Say what I want to say in voice rather than text But I don’t see that ever happening Not now, not ever Growing up every time I tried to speak my mind I would get yelled at. Almost like I wasn’t suppose to have my own thoughts I had … Continue reading Why Is It ?

Almost Time

It’s almost time to start my marathon Of movies as I lay in bed surrounded by darkness Hiding from the world as it turns Bothers me ? it does not. Allowing my mind to go numb while I watch Things that I use to. As my eyes drift close My mind becomes at peace when I sleep. Waking up after a few hours. I might get up, to join the rest of the world Or do I change the movie up. Will be a spontaneous decision. More than likely changing up to another movie Waiting to see what’s next that … Continue reading Almost Time