I feel like my brain is plagued with sadness At times I don’t know if it’s flooding my brain more Or if it’s just leaving me confused I’ve spent days just looking at the wall Wondering when this day will be over Just to crawl back into bed Even days that I know I’m having trouble sleeping I try to fill my mind with happier thoughts At times it doesn’t work, the sadness just comes in. I feel like I’m being chased by it. But I keep tripping up So it always seems to find it’s way to catch me. … Continue reading Sadness

Already Know

I already know I lost you. From the moment those words hit the screen I knew I did. With you saying you wanting to think about what’s more important. It comes down to choosing me or a bigger family. I told you I don’t want kids, you know I struggle so much with my past. Bullied and harassed, I always read stories about kids going through it now. The difference is now they can’t get away from it, there’s facebook, instagram, snapchat All ways to get in touch with someone, not to mention cell phones. If I couldn’t get away … Continue reading Already Know


As I sit alone in the evening in a chilli house. I continue to feel lonely, more and more as the time goes. The minutes pass and the feeling doesn’t. It makes me sad, I can almost feel the loneliness wanting to escape in forms of tears I hate being alone, I hear everything. Every little gust of wind. Each time the house creeks. Every sound that is made in the house. At times it makes me paranoid. But I sit and feel lonely Nobody is around me, nobody is near me. I never know what to do. I drown … Continue reading Sadness

If I Had To….

If someone asked me to send a message to everyone whose met me from the start of my life until time, what would it say. I know there’s people who would do something like this and brag about every little thing that happened to them and etc etc.. If I had to send a message like that to everyone who met me at this point in time it would simply be titled “Let You Down” I feel like that’s all I do is let people down, they think I’m some great person but I don’t see it. I have never … Continue reading If I Had To….

Another Week

Another Week Well here we are, starting another week as the end of the year gets closer that much quicker. I see in this weeks forecast that snow is on it’s way all week long, I hate snow I’m sure I’m not the only one who does. Growing up in Canada I’m sure everyone is sick of it, usually snow also brings ice as well which is another thing I’m tired of not to mention these cold ass temperatures that come with the winter I guess it’s just another “welcome to Canada” but frankly I’m tired of it and it … Continue reading Another Week

Loneliness = Boredom

So it appears that when I’m by myself I’m lonely and when I’m lonely then boredom happens and it happens frequently. I hate this, I have over 200 xbox one games and none of them sound good. I think I get bored really really easily and it bothers me cause it makes me sit and look at the wall more often than not.  I feel sorry for people who hang out with me, they must think I’m one boring POS. I never know what I want to do with my time. I also have a playstation 4, but I don’t … Continue reading Loneliness = Boredom