Next Re-Release Is….

So I was just saying not long ago that I think the next re-release will be “Two Faced” however that doesn’t appear to be the case, in fact last night I got talking to my girlfriend and one thing lead to another and we ended up sexting … So it turns out that SexKEN will be the next re-release that will get re-distributed. In fact it just got pushed out to distributors as I was typing this.. So if you haven’t read it and you want to, or if you want to read the newly added stuff then click on … Continue reading Next Re-Release Is….

Creative Track

At times it takes quite a bit to throw off my creative track, honestly I could no doubt write at minimal one piece of new poetry each day with ease. Which is why at times you (my readers) have read multiples in one day. However today my creative track has been thrown out, no I’m not having a bad day. At least not yet, but I woke up with a sore neck. So I’m having trouble getting comfortable, a massage would be nice but I know it wouldn’t happen today. I keep trying to stretch it out but it’s not … Continue reading Creative Track

SexKEN – Cumming Shortly

I wanted to give everyone the heads up, because normally they get to read everything before it gets released for distribution, however anything that is erotic I tend not to post on this site. So with that happy note I’m here to let you know that later today, no doubt in a few hours or less. I will be posting SexKEN up for distribution on my distributior’s site plus I will also be posting it on one or two other sites as well. I’ll be sure to post links when everything is online, but that should be happening like I … Continue reading SexKEN – Cumming Shortly