Two More Ready

After wordpress had a slight delay which slowed down my process I noticed they were back online so I jumped into action and scooped up some poetry from my blog that hasn’t made it’s way into any release yet and with four pieces of poetry I was able to get two books ready to be released out into the wild with the new distributor.

Sun Doesn’t Rise

Both are ready to be shipped out from the new distributor. I still have much more work to do with many more releases to get shipped out I’m looking forward to doing just that so that I can hit all the markets I’m currently hitting and many more.

Right now I haven’t made a decision for when I’m going to release those books, it might be today or it might be tomorrow. I know I’m trying to relax today and get my music online for free downloading which my wanting to have quiet time is taking over me wanting to do anything.

But I’ll be sure to post up when they get sent out to distributors and keep everyone posted.


Next Book Inspired By @Mushroomhead

SunDoesntRiseAlright so my next book is inspired by the band known as Mushroomhead, the title is called “Sun Doesn’t Rise”.. When I first came across the band that’s the first track that I ever heard from them and it drew me in to hear many many more.

With what seemed like recently the band is on the verge of falling apart with two members including one of it’s founders leaving the band which I’m sure I’m not the only fan that has started to wonder about the future of things. But they have a tour that they will be going on later this year…

Enough about them the next release will be called “Sun Doesn’t Rise”
Here’s the video of the track that drew me in:

– Kennie

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