Damage Is Done

Your words have been spoken. They were like salt into fresh wounds. The nice guy in me seen what you mean. Seen the other side of you. There’s no turning back now. You can try to make it up with buying dinner. I won’t touch that food, you can’t repair the damage. You can try to buy gifts, won’t touch them either. Nothing you can possibly do will ever change my mind about you. I want you furthest from me, I’m tired of seeing you. Your communication with me is already limited. It will become even more sparse. Your now … Continue reading Damage Is Done

Next Re-Release ?

So the next re-release that I’m working on is “Two Faced” I thought about changing the cover for this one but for the time being I’m leaving it alone. I can see that being exactly what I do when it’s time to get released is just putting it out as is. I thought I was going to have trouble adding to it, but clearly that’s not the case. Just added one thing today and that means I’m that much closer to getting it ready to ship out to the distributors. As of late I’ve been having trouble doing anything but … Continue reading Next Re-Release ?


You really have to go above and beyond to fit in. Starting to call yourself bi Wanting to walk in a gay pride parade. Just cause the only people who seem to accept you call themselves bi But you’ve always been a follower, never been one to walk your own path. Just make up stories to convince yourself otherwise. Saying that “it’s how I’ve felt all my life”.. But shhh it’s your own secret, cause nobody else believes it. They could have said anything to you, you’d dive into it. Saying “that’s me”, it’s like drinking the kool aid But … Continue reading Camouflage

Next Release / Old Series / Why I Write

Next Release Alright well I got thinking since my last post, as I said I have 101 ideas flowing through my brain at all times it’s just a matter of choosing one. Yup that’s the tough thing, choosing just one… So many ideas and how do I choose one ? It’s a tough choice to be honest with you… do I choose to hit my head with a rubber mallet every time I get an idea to see if the idea sticks ?… Nah I can’t do that, I’m sure many people would love it if I did but I … Continue reading Next Release / Old Series / Why I Write