Honestly, I’m Glad

Truth be told I’m glad that the Valentine’s Day challenge flopped in a big way. I’ve been thinking about that idea since January and I thought I would put myself up for the challenge to see if people would accept my challenge. I know on my end it would be a difficult thing to write two types of Valentine’s Day poems one directed at women and one directed at men. I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but honestly I’m glad it flopped I’m glad it came up short. It doesn’t matter to me right now if … Continue reading Honestly, I’m Glad

10 Likes By Valentine’s Day

Alright folks so I’m giving you all a challenge, more so giving myself a challenge but if it happens it is all very dependent on you the readers. So here’s what you have to do, I have to get 10 unique likes on this post, yup this post your reading right now by Valentine’s Day (February 14th) so you got 2 days to do it.. If this post gets those 10 likes then I will release two, yes TWO Valentine’s Poems on the day of Valentine’s.. So why two of them ? One will be directed at females and one … Continue reading 10 Likes By Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is coming up, honestly I have never been one to celebrate it. I’ve always had that difficulty doing so. I can tell the one I’m with “I Love You” but to express it with a romantic gesture I have trouble doing. My own Mom think’s that I’m pathetic because I can’t express my love in that way. But I’ve always had trouble expressing my feelings all through out my life. Maybe I’m just slow in that way, I honestly don’t know what it is. I know I’ve always had difficulties doing many things growing up so the … Continue reading Valentine’s Day