Video Games

I use to enjoy playing video games, the last game I played recently was FarCry 4.. I tried dipping myself into Agents Of Mayhem at first I thought it was going to go well but just today I’m having such a hard time playing it.. I guess that’s clear to me that I should take a break from playing video games for a bit. Just having a hard time concentrating on things right now and it makes me wonder if I really want to play them or not. At times I feel like they’re a lot to take in and … Continue reading Video Games

Video Games / Book Covers / Beverly Hills Cop Thoughts

Video Games Much like most people I’m a gamer, not as indepth as others but I do play when I find a game that can hold my attention (keywords: game that holds my attention). As of late it’s been Darksiders 2, I have to say the mix of combat and puzzle solving reminds me to games such as Tomb Raider & Uncharted 4…  I mostly play xbox one incase anyone is wondering. But sadly the last two days I’ve became frustrated and some what bored with Darksiders 2, it’s not that I don’t find the game fun, I do.. I … Continue reading Video Games / Book Covers / Beverly Hills Cop Thoughts