In The Past

It’s amazing how my mind thinks, in the past whenever I thought about writing as one of my other names or as I have recently called them “voices in my head” I always felt that they had to have a completely different persona and a different look, perhaps a mask or something like that or a different way of writing.

Now here I am sitting here and I haven’t written as one of the voices in my head for a while, the thought has came to mind don’t get me wrong but it just becomes too exhausting when I think about it because I have the habit of wanting to change up the look of them so that I can give them a website and all that fun stuff for people to learn about however the last few nights I’ve laid around thinking about writing as one of the voices in my head but honestly it’s just way too much work for how I use to do it, that and my girlfriend keeps complimenting how I look and she hates when I wear anything to cover up my face or any other part of me.. Relax I’m not naked typing this, I just no longer get the feeling of wanting to cover myself up in various ways.

I have thought about writing but honestly I don’t know. I do get the odd idea that I have thought about expanding on however I always want to do things a certain way like having graphics, like if I did a superhero book I would want to create the superhero and I just don’t know if I want to do that sort of thing. I’ve always had this idea of a “text superhero book” where it’s not really like a comic because I can’t draw but doing everything in text form but honestly I don’t know if I would be able to sit down and figure things out, or maybe I would… I honestly don’t know. I have had lots of thoughts cause I have one or two friends that also write and I have glanced at there stuff to see what they do and at times they use to try and post graphics of characters but I think after a while they just got to the point of saying “the story is more important”.

Another reason why I don’t think I’ve done it recently is because I feel like I’m constantly rushed when I get on the computer, I know right now I do because I just heard my Mom say “yup there’s the thunder” as we’re expecting thunderstorms today so I try not to get into anything that I can’t quickly finish and exit just in case things get bad or if I see the lights flicker

So there ya go, a somewhat of a inside look of what’s been going through my head recently… Maybe some of this will happen, maybe it won’t.. right now, I don’t know.


Voices In My Head

So many voices in my head.
They all keep chattering away.
All have there own stories to tell.
Each want there own time in the spotlight.

Should I dare to let them out.
Give them the platform that they’ve been craving.
A open world of thirsty readers.
Wanting to read all sorts of things.

Is that what the voices in my head want.
That craving for the ability to get it out.
Almost to a live audience who are thriving for more.
Can they even handle that sort of thing

Or would they run rapid in my brain
I guess only time will tell


Mr. Love Zone – Origin Story..

So about six years ago a new alter-ego / voice in my head was born I named him Mr. Love Zone, well that’s the name that he ended up with… Not the best name that I came up with but the origin story is kinda basic so here it is… I got playing around in paint shop pro and I originally wanted to make one of those hypnotic swirls but I just kept screwing around with it and the logo (top of this post) was created and it kinda looked like a heart to me so no matter what I named the person who used it I felt it had to have the word “zone” after because it kinda looked like something from the twilight zone or something like that..

So there you have it, that’s the origin story of that voice in my head, however he was always my erotic / romantic side when I wrote for the longest time. He would come and go and at times he would stay hidden for long periods of time because writing that way would make me feel rather sad and depressed.

I doubt he’ll end up writing anything else and if I ever did write like that again I would just stick with the Kennie Kayoz name, kinda a one name for everything from now on.


Voice in my head / alter ego

For the longest time I have had many alter egos when I write so that I would write using different writing styles. But in 2017 I started to focus on one name instead of multiples.

Maybe instead of me doing a second company for my other writing style I will just dust off one of the voices in my head like I use to.

I have a few ideas that I will look into in the morning but I think this is what I am going to do


Voices In My Head

Alright so I took the time today to sit down and write a bit, I wrote and released Voices In My Head so anyone who cares to read it, can read it. It’s one of my more personal bits of writing that I have done in a long time.
I think a good writer can go to personal places and be comfortable with it. Honestly I don’t know if I’m that terribly comfortable with what I said but I felt like I wanted to push myself a bit out of my comfort level.
I feel like I’ve sat in my comfort level way too long at this point in time and I’ve been thinking about pushing myself out of that zone for a while in terms of my writing so I figured why not just do it now ?
Am I going to get made fun of for saying what I did ?, been there before and if it takes me back there then so be it. Honestly it’s not a concern of mine.

Well that’s done and it’s out there time to move on, I wonder what I’ll be doing next…. Stay posted I got a few ideas…


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