Big THANK YOU to @awspace

So here’s the deal I have four websites, three of mine and one I did for a friend of mine, now my webhost (byte host) out of no where with zero warning closed all my accounts. I didn’t do anything to violate the TOS. But anyways I was left in a panic, I had to get my sites online and sadly start from scratch again by getting things noticed by google and all that fun stuff. I searched and I came across the company known as Award Space who has been doing things for a number of years. So I … Continue reading Big THANK YOU to @awspace

Next Re-Release ?

So the next re-release that I’m working on is “Two Faced” I thought about changing the cover for this one but for the time being I’m leaving it alone. I can see that being exactly what I do when it’s time to get released is just putting it out as is. I thought I was going to have trouble adding to it, but clearly that’s not the case. Just added one thing today and that means I’m that much closer to getting it ready to ship out to the distributors. As of late I’ve been having trouble doing anything but … Continue reading Next Re-Release ?

Websites – Came A Long Way

I remember when I first started my sites I used a program called Trellix which then changed to something else but Trellix was on the Windows ME computer that came into the house, actually my Father bought it for my Mom for Christmas… Anyway that changed to Frontpage 98 which then changed to Frontpage 2003 which then changed to Expressions Web 3 and now Expressions Web 4… But up until about two years ago I honestly didn’t care about the code or anything, but I got kind of passionate about the code and was always viewing other source codes on … Continue reading Websites – Came A Long Way

Hats Off To @Wix

I have to say I stumbled onto wix a few years back and I created a site with them I later deleted it but as of late I’ve been creating a few sites with them and they keep getting easier and easier, not to mention better and better. If your looking to build a great website be sure to swing yourself on over to: to do just that, you can build a great one for $0 but if you want to do more advanced stuff with it then it’ll cost money and by more advanced I mean having a … Continue reading Hats Off To @Wix

Decided To Scratch That Itch

So a little while ago I mentioned how I had a itch I wasn’t sure if I was going to scratch but I thought about creating my own site again, well I decided to toss one together, still kinda working on things, not sure if certain features on it will stay or not…. Oh I suppose right now you’d like to look at it wouldn’t you ? … Alright so if you goto: That’s the domain I mentioned before that will need renewing but I don’t know if I’ll be doing so, lack of $$ is one of the … Continue reading Decided To Scratch That Itch

Scratching That Itch..

Every so often I feel that itch, you know the one I’m talking about.. A old hobby of yours that you tried to walk away from but every so often it keeps coming to mind making you think “should you try it again ?” One of my biggest hobbies has been websites, the shit I created myself has always been very basic, like painfully basic.  But it got the message acrossed and it allowed for people to see what’s going on in my life, I once again had that itch of putting up my own website. But I don’t know, … Continue reading Scratching That Itch..