Feeling Really Rather Bored, Let’s Try Something…

Alright so I’ve had this blog here on wordpress for a while, I’ve decided to try something and surfing around the net seeing that basically everyone is running off of some sort of blog. I want to know something..

What’s a better spot ?
Wordpress or blogger ?

They both have advantages and disadvantages lets face it, just like everything out there. Everything I read wordpress is what people say to start with, but how do I know that blogger isn’t the spot for me ? Just cause something works for the masses how do I know that something different won’t work for me since wordpress could be too saturated with similar content ?

So I decided to do a test I’m taking my entire wordpress blog and posting it on blogger and seeing how things go, the only difference is that my TLD (top level domain) will be hosted with blogger, but I don’t think it’ll make any bit of a difference with things and I say that because I’ve had it linked to an actual site and it made no difference. But I’m setting everything up the same, from minute one and giving all the same posts although I may drop the odd different post on each site… as a curious factor to see if one is better for me…

I won’t know if I don’t try…

Time to get it going, once I got it online I”ll post about it and give y’all the link


Investing More Time

Decided a few days ago that I will start investing more time into my blog and less time into my actual site, since it’s clear to me that my blog gets way more views than my site and I kept doing a site just because I liked the idea of having a site but lets face it the internet has changed and a regular html site just doesn’t cut it, that and it’s just so nice and easy to share shit on a blog.

I have two other sites on the go, I haven’t decided what I’m doing with them, if I’m going to bring them to wordpress or just leave them to be because it’s not like I do much with them at times.. I guess time will tell..  Since right now I just want to focus on this


Thank You To All

Yesterday I got this notification so I want to take the time to thank all my fellow readers who stopped by to like my stuff:

On Monday March 5, 2018, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on Coyotes Publishing. That’s pretty awesome, well done!
Most Likes in One Day
Current Record: 22
Old Record: 21

WordPress, starting to make sense..

I’ve created websites, with html for a number of years and I’m starting to see why people have changed up to wordpress. It’s just easier for everyone. I’ve had two websites I’ve debated about bringing up to date with a old host but I don’t know, one part of me says YES another part of me says, copy and paste works just as easy and I can post it here on wordpress. It’s kind of less stress to deal with, maybe that’s what I will do…

I may not be able to do the domain with things as I would like without paying but after a short time I won’t be renewing them so I might as well make my home elsewhere with the sites and right now wordpress seems like a great place..

Guess I should get started…

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