Story Of A Bitch – Re-post

I know over time we all change, some for better and some for worse. Here’s my story of a bitch… Here’s my story of a bitch that I was with for twelve years I’m tired of all her bullshit so fuck her and her feelings Here’s my story of a bitch that I was with […]

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The Lady Who Works In Church

It doesn’t take long once you get talking to me to find out  how much I care When people bring up problems about there friends, you’ll see how much I care If I haven’t met those people, they definately aren’t on my radar so you get to see How much do I care ? The […]

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Colostomy Bag

You attempt to be Mr Smooth having all the right lines that women want to hear, almost like you’ve done the research on the subject and visited all the love lorn websites to hear women complain about what they want to find in a guy. So you decide to mash it all up making one […]

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Dear @kj52

Dear KJ; Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Kennie and I want to thank you for shining light onto what appeared to be a very dark life. I first stumbled upon your stuff through a page on wikipedia, I looked up another white rapper, perhaps you heard of him.. None other than […]

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Busy Day Of Rejection

Busy day of rejection actually started early Friday morning. On the phone with the girlfriend when she started to give me a hard time I told her I couldn’t be on late, didn’t say why. Just didn’t want to be up late that night I knew come morning I had a few jobs I had […]

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Are You Ready To Fall

Have you learned in life that there’s more than one way down Just when you think for a moment you are going up, you’ll realize Up is just a figment of your imagination, but down is a constant plummet Are you ready ? Are you ready to fall Are you ready ? Are you ready […]

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One Last Chance

If I had one last chance If I had one last chance If I had one last chance, I would be alright If I had one last chance to spend time with you, I think I would feel better If I had one last chance to ask your advice on things, it might be more […]

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How I Am

I’ve never been the most fun to be around. Always keeping to myself, even when I was in high school. Use to bury my nose in the sports section, studying stats, scores and transactions Some thought I must have been uber smart, always got D’s in high school My girlfriend is sporting four of those […]

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Little Man

Here I was thinking that you were some sort of threat. You sent my girlfriend a dick pick and the truth came out. Can’t be blaming that shit on cold water either You made her laugh and question how many people fake it with you To compare you to me, your a vienna sausage I’m […]

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Feeling Nothing

Even though the worlds around me, I feel lonely Even though the world has found me, it can drown me. Sitting here feeling alone as I stare out the window watching others walk by It makes me wonder as if I’m missing out on something great So I step outside and look around, I see […]

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