I’m No Longer Gold

So today is the day that I am no longer on xbox gold, it’s an interesting feeling even though honestly nothing has changed. It just means no weekly sales for me but I have lots of games to play. I actually became Non gold or “silver” (microsoft term) last night at some point in time but with me being in a different time zone than microsoft I didn’t know exactly when things would kick if it was at midnight for me or for them. Plus with us getting hit with some very heavy winds I didn’t want to turn my … Continue reading I’m No Longer Gold

First Few Days Of April

Hello Folks; As we all know we’re now in April and just three days into it, well tomorrow (wedneday 4th) is the day that my xbox live gold subscription ends, knowing the way xbox is they will no doubt give me the entire day before it actually ends so in one way it will just end on the 5th. I’ve planned for this for quite sometime I have lots of games I haven’t played and honestly I went on some sort of spending rampage racking up quite the bill of games that I would like to play in the near … Continue reading First Few Days Of April

Video Games / Book Covers / Beverly Hills Cop Thoughts

Video Games Much like most people I’m a gamer, not as indepth as others but I do play when I find a game that can hold my attention (keywords: game that holds my attention). As of late it’s been Darksiders 2, I have to say the mix of combat and puzzle solving reminds me to games such as Tomb Raider & Uncharted 4…  I mostly play xbox one incase anyone is wondering. But sadly the last two days I’ve became frustrated and some what bored with Darksiders 2, it’s not that I don’t find the game fun, I do.. I … Continue reading Video Games / Book Covers / Beverly Hills Cop Thoughts