Who Am I ?

When I first started to write and when I first created Coyotes Publishing in 2002 I chose to write under a pen name, the pen name I chose was Kennie Kayoz the idea of using a pen name was in my mind a smart idea because at the time I was writing some rather violent things and I knew that at the time that if it got back to my parents they would flip out so I felt it was best to use a pen name so the pen name Kennie Kayoz came to light and for the most part it became a part of most social media networks over the year more so myspace when I first got joined to promote my stuff on it.

During the time of using that pen name various others came into play and they collectively became known as “voices in my head” since  I found that it was best to call them that. They all wrote in different methods the most popular voice in my head went by the name Mr. Love Zone who was my romantic / erotic side and that’s how I chose to write under that name.

But as life has a tendency of doing I tend to grew with my art and over the last four years my writing has changed very much and I decided to change my writing name from an actual pen name to my real name.

So from this moment on I get shall be writing under my real name.